VIBE Premiere: Dirty South on Upcoming Speed of Life Album + “Gods” feat. Ruben Haze


“Gods” to me is a cinematic/emotional/electronic piece,” Grammy-nominated producer Dirty South tells VIBE. The multi-talented composer-remixer-DJ is describing the record (debut below) off his upcoming inaugural studio album Speed of Life (Out March 5, 2013 on iTunes). “That’s why it’s the first track on the album, as I feel it sets the mood for the rest of the album.” The Grammy nominated-producer, born Dragan Roganovi?, adds: “Ruben Haze is my band project, which is coming out very soon also, so I wanted to introduce some of the live music elements and emotion into a Dirty South track on the album, and “Gods” just made sense to me.”

VIBE: What was the process for composing your first studio album, Speed of Life?
DIRTY SOUTH: The process of making this album began while I was touring. I was doing my largest North American tour, so I was working on this album in many different cities on my days off in between shows. I hired a bunch of studios in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and recorded a bunch of ideas. I also worked every second that I felt inspired. Sometimes it was on planes or in hotels, but the main thing was inspiration, and that drove the album. I felt super inspired and the album came very organically because of that. The album was finalized in Australia where I mixed it, mastered it and put the final sauce on it.

Where can we find you at Ultra Music Festival this year?
This year I will be playing both weekends at Ultra Music Festival. The second weekend will the main stage on the last day of the festival and I am very excited to be doing it again. I think this will be my fifth time playing Ultra and it feels like each year it just gets bigger and better.

Craziest Ultra memory?
The craziest or coolest memory from Ultra was 2009, when I played one of my remixes, “Grand Canyon” by Tracey Thorn, and in the part of the song that only had a kick drum playing, the crowd was chanting to the kick drum and I remember having goose bumps running down my spine.

You’ve collaborated and/or remixed for music powerhouses like Snoop and U2. Who is one rapper you are dying to have spit a verse on a Dirty South track?
I’m a big fan of hip-hop so I would have many choices. I love what Macklemore is doing right now. “Thrift Shop” is fun, but I really love his other works. He’s a good storyteller. I also really dig Kanye West as an artist and how he puts the whole package together, from music to artwork. Frank Ocean is not a rapper, but I could definitely see an emotional electronic collaboration with him.

Check out Dirty South – Speed of Life – Making the Album Video Below:

Photo By: Jeff Forney