VIBE’s Logo Gets Revamped By Graffiti Artist Cope2 For Mountain Dew Kickstart Launch

VIBE Magazine is celebrating our 20th anniversary this year—yeah, we’re getting old you guys! To help “iron out” a few of our wrinkles, Bronx graffiti artist Cope2 decided to unofficially redesign the VIBE logo for Mountain Dew’s recent Kickstart launch this past week.

Setting up shop in a rented studio space near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Cope2 gave us a pretty dope facelift. We don’t plan on throwing away the iconic logo we’ve been rocking with since the September ’93 premiere issue—call us old fashioned—but there’s no denying this dude’s talent.

Here’s a little more information on the Boogie Down legend, via our friends over at Blackbook:

“Cope started tagging subway cars and buildings back in 1978, as a pre-teen, soon becoming one of the city’s most prolific–and wanted–street artists. Plenty of run-ins with the law ensued, and, banking on a talent that surpassed most of his peers, he went mainstream, having since done work for everyone from Converse to Mark Ecko to Time magazine. (There’s still the occasional arrest, though. You can take the artist out of the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of the artist.)”

Blackbook also got a cool redesign of their own—which you can go check out by clicking [HERE].

Make sure you guys get the full Cope2 experience by visiting his official website [HERE].

Check us out in graffiti form in the following gallery, and let us know what you think: