Vixen Chat: Bridget Kelly Talks Valentine’s Day Hot Spots and Being Single

VV: So if you’re a single girl, a girl’s night is the go-to option for V-Day?
A girl’s night is always a win in my book! Whether it’s V-Day or not, it’s fun and a good reminder that you are loved. Being single shouldn’t be frowned upon. It just means you haven’t found the right guy or the right guy hasn’t found you. Even if you send yourself flowers, who cares? Love yourself!

Should you go all out for someone on V-Day if you two just started dating?
It depends on your relationship status. Either way, there should always be a conversation so no one ends up heartbroken or disappointed. I’ve lucked out; I’ve been single and out with girlfriends on V-Day, and I’ve been boo’d up on a date. There’s too much pressure on us to have a romantic fantasy come true on V-Day and it sucks.