Vixen Chat: Bridget Kelly Talks Valentine’s Day Hot Spots & Being Single


Bridget Kelly knows a few things about love. And even losing it. (See: “Special Delivery”) But in the spirit of the holiday, Roc Nation’s Brooklyn songbird sets some rules: where you should eat today, the do’s and dont’s of asking a guy out and how single girls can celebrate the day of love. –Niki McGloster

VIBE Vixen: Which hot spots are the best places to go for a V-Day date: NYC and LA?
Bridget Kelly: A carriage ride through Central Park would be so beautiful here in NYC. Dress warm and bring your camera! It’s a sweet way to sightsee. LA has some great food, so I would grab sushi at Nobu Matsuhisa or maybe some great Italian food and wine at Porto Via Bistro.

What are the top 5 do’s and don’ts of asking a guy out on a V-Day?
DO make the invite casual, so he doesn’t feel pressured. DO plan accordingly and figure out exactly what you wanna do and where you wanna go. DO, if you feel like it, offer to go half on the bill, since you’re the one asking him out. DO wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks. DO try to solidify a back-up plan, in case your first choice date doesn’t pan out.

DON’T try to go above and beyond financially if you ain’t got it! DON’T wait ’til the last minute to ask him out,. Give him time to think about it. DON’T develop unrealistic expectation, so if you’re just going on a random date for the sake of V-Day, you can’t expect chocolate, roses and a teddy bear. DON’T wait til V-Day to profess your love for someone. If it doesn’t work out in your favor, you’ll be crushed. Spare yourself the drama. And DON’T be upset if you’re single on V-Day. You’re not alone. Find something to do with your girlfriends!

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