Vixen Inspiration: Create A Soundtrack for Your Life


Vixens, what do you do when things aren’t going the way you’d like? How do you manage to keep the fire burning? What happens when your motivation tank is on E?

Instant solution: create a soundtrack to get you through the storm.

Music is truly one of God’s greatest gifts. It is the universal language; an endless healing power.¬†Studies show that music can bring a person out of depression. It has even helped many with disabilities function at higher levels.

Reflect for a moment: What are those songs that put a smile on your face? What lyrics resonate in your soul? What’s your go-to record when you want to escape and dream big? Those songs should comprise your soundtrack. Remember, this is just for you! You don’t have to share with anyone.

Here are a few songs that I’ve selected for my own soundtrack:

“My Life” — Mary J. Blige
“Enjoy” — Janet Jackson
“Imagine Me” — Kirk Franklin
“Keep The Faith” — Faith Evans
“Do Your Thang” by N’Sync (Yes, you read correctly!)

Get the idea?

I hope you enjoy creating your personal soundtrack for life. It will be fun, but most importantly, it will be healing.

Great day to you, Vixens!