Vixen Inspiration: Dig Deeper


Life is a constant journey of discovering who we are and our purpose in life. You may know a lot about yourself at this point, but as you continue to grow, you’ll discover more treasure hidden within you. But the trick is to dig for it.

We only recover these gifts by doing the exhausting work of digging deeper within ourselves. I know it seems like a daunting task, but in the end it’s always worth it! As I’ve told you before, the process of life is usually never for you but for someone else. Our treasure is to bring God’s glory and help others along the way.

But there is also a major benefit for you: appreciation and self-love. So don’t look at the process of digging as futile but from the perspective of  doing your part. As you commit yourself to this process, you are going to be amazed and marvel at the wonderful creation you see emerge. Today, let’s commit to unearthing our best selves for the world to see!

Dig on, Vixens! God Bless….