Vixen Inspiration: Love, Just Because


Vixens, February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s packed with so many things: celebrating Black History Month and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and the biggest holiday of the month: Valentine’s Day.

Yes, the day many of us spend ridiculous amounts of money on candy, balloons and dinner just to “prove” how much we care and love our significant other. The problem is we buy into the propaganda that V-Day is the only day to display love. That’s wrong, Vixens! We were created to love by design. That means every day, technically, should be a day to show your love for one another.

A quick story: I was waiting in line to check out and a young man standing behind me had a bear, card, candy and flowers. I asked him if it was his girl’s birthday. He replied, “No.” I asked if he was making up with her? No. Then I thought he’s getting his Valentine’s Day gift early. Wrong again. He finally said, “I love my girlfriend so much. She’s shown me love like I’ve never known. I’m getting this just because I love her.”

Powerful, right?

Think beyond today. Think about the ways to love just because.

Be blessed,