VV Must Have: L’Oreal Ombré Kit


There is more to Vixen-worthy hair than sassy cuts and long extensions, we need color! At-home hair dye kits have been around for ages but L’Oreal’s Ombré Kit transcends boring box colors. If you are on the fence about changing the shade of your tresses you may want to ease into it by trying out the ombré trend. Choose from; medium to dark brown, dark blonde to light brown and light to medium blonde. Best of all: the up-keep is simple because there’s no root touch up required. Get lighter ends like Keke Palmer and Ciara in a few easy steps!

What you’ll need: An old towel, t-shirt and the L’Oreal Ombré kit. You don’t want the bleach to ruin any of your favorite clothes.

How to: Section hair in half and apply color to the ends of hair, wait 10 minutes then go two inches higher and apply more color. Be sure to comb through with a wide tooth comb to distribute the color evenly. Repeat this process until you have colored as far up as you desire. Then Rinse.

Styling tip: Ombré hair looks stunning when it’s styled in loose curls. If you have naturally curly hair the color will add an interesting dimension your ringlets.

Photo Credit: Media 4