VV Must Have: Eyeliner Appliqués

Everything about winged liner is sexy, but sometimes the process to achieve the look is less than glamorous. You know the scene: you park yourself in front of the mirror and plead in frustration for both wings to come out evenly. To avoid the Amy Winehouse cat eye, consider applying appliqué wings. Appliqués allow you to easily get the classic pin-up look and finally put aside messy liners. Each box comes with a set of wings that includes glue if you are looking for longer wearing liner (but don’t count on the wings lasting more than one use). Follow these easy steps to achieve effortless, identical cat eyes.

Step 1

Choose from many styles of winged liner. Popular styles include purple glitter, black velvet and gold glitter.

Step 2

Measure and trim the wing to fit your eye shape.

Step 3

Remove the adhesive backing and stick your wing onto the lash line.

Step 4

Fool your friends into thinking you have mastered the elusive eyeliner technique!