VV Must Have: Chic Essentials For a Successful Workout


vibe-vixen-nike relay print capriQuick Dry Clothing
For me, breaking a sweat at the gym means I’m doing good work.  However, I could definitely do without that sticky, sweaty feeling that comes after. Need a solution? Quick dry clothing! Brands like Under Armour and Nike make products that take care of this AND have cute patterns and colors. Invest in a more expensive pair or go with a something cheaper to start a wide collection of workout attire. 

Vixen Picks:

Aerie Slim Gym Boot Crossover Pant, $24.95

Under Armour Shatter Capri’s, $45

Asics PR Skort, $42

Nike Relay Print Capri’s, $58

 Old Navy Women’s Active GoDRY Running Top, $22.94

 Nike Dri-Fit Knit Long-Sleeve, $70

Photo Credit: Nike Store