Watch: Lyrics Video for Wale’s “Bad”

Wale is back to catering to the ladies for “Bad,” the latest Tiara Thomas-assisted single on his upcoming album Folarin. But unlike “Pretty Girls” and “Ambitious Girl,” this track isn’t praising women but giving them a 4-minute-long education. “Monogamy, or whatever you call it, I’m starting to think it ain’t for everybody,” he raps, exposing those who chase love but settle for lust.

The lyrics reveal the emotional detachment that women have when it comes to sex based on past relationships or childhood troubles. (“But the problem is it’s probably a deep past/Still I’m feeling of something I need bad/Thinking if I get her, I get her to need this”)

Outside of Lupe Fiasco’s “Bad Bitch,” not many artist is really divulging into the negative side of a woman attributing herself as “bad” or craving the attention of men. With Wale being as influential as he is, will the lyrics truly be digested or simply ignored?

Watch and read below: