Watch: ‘Colbert Report’ & ‘The Daily Show’ Do The Harlem Shake

Who isn’t Harlem shaking? (Rhetorical question). Click above to watch The Colbert Report participate in the inescapable viral hit by Baauer. The Huffington Post and The Daily Show also jumped on the bandwagon.

FYI, rapper G. Dep, currently serving a 15-to-life sentence after confessing to a 20 year old murder, thinks this craze should be called something else. The popular dance originally came from Harlem youth and was showcased in the video G. Dep and Diddy made for “Special Delivery” in the early 2000s. “We can’t call it the Harlem Shake. We gotta at least call it the Harlem Shake part two,” said G. Dep. “Because from what I understand they aren’t even doing the Harlem Shake.”