Why Jessie Ware Doesn’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day On February 14


Whether crazy in love or anti-Cupid, it’s nearly impossible to dodge the mushiness of Valentine’s Day. Yet while you’re swapping chocolates and bouquets, singer Jessie Ware plans on treating February 14 like any other day. Don’t get her wrong: The 28-year-old songbird, whose Sade-lite vocals have earned her a cult following, isn’t rocking all-black-everything in protest of St. Valentine (who is that guy, anyway?). But she’s against all the unnecessary pressure to showcase her love amid the crowded restaurants and cliched dates. “I wouldn’t [celebrate] on Valentine’s Day because of the pressure of everyone in the restaurant, all of these couples looking very stressed out,” says Ware, between tour stops in Australia. “I’d [celebrate] a few days after.” Whenever she decides to celebrate V-Day, she’s already got plans with her boyfriend in mind: “I’m going to this amazing restaurant in this hotel in the countryside in England and then a spa the next day,” she says. “[If I could] I’d have massages and facials every day.” Ware has been on the move promoting her superb Devotion album since its UK release last year. She’s gearing up for the album’s U.S. release this spring.