‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer Unsure Of Halle Berry’s Role in Sequel

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Speaking on how juggernaut his Jack the Giant Slayer picture is, cinephiles want to know if Storm will be in the X-Men sequel… or will she be a fair-weather friend?

During the Jack the Giant Slayer press junket, which finds the re-imagined fairy tale in theaters next month, director Bryan Singer has already begun to look ahead to what X-Men: Days of Future Past would have in store for fans.

For those who don’t know, Singer acted only as producer on the rebooted X-Men franchise, but on this go around he opted to sit in the director’s chair after Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) dropped out. According to MTV, the helmer is taking things he learned from the computer-animated giants with him and bringing them to the Marvel sequel. Does this mean we will finally see Wolverine and Cyclops take out giant cyborg Sentinels in the not-so-distant future? We hope so.

The First Class cast involved an array of heavyweight actors (Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman), and boasts the return of a few familiar faces (Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart). Singer, in speaking to MTV, said that the story is built to accommodate just that many characters so no one would have to fight for the spotlight.

“I don’t want to say [who the protagonists are] yet, or talk about that yet, but I will say that every character has a very important function in the story,” Singer said. “The story is designed and catered to the combined cast. It’s not just throwing in people to occupy the screen, occupy the billboards. The story ‘Days of Future Past,’ and our version of ‘Days of Future Past’ is geared very much toward the mass cast and all their relationships and all the foibles and their achievements.”

So where does this leave Ororo Munroe?

Many are wondering aloud why Halle Berry’s naame hasn’t been called yet to reprise her role as the weather-controlling mutant known as Storm. She managed to make it out of Brett Ratner’s The Last Stand alive, but a return has yet to be confirmed. Singer told MTV that an appearance from Storm is still up in the air. “I can’t say. I don’t know yet. And it’s not necessarily a deal making aspect at all,” he said. “I want to make sure it’ll make sense. But I love working with her.”

Who else would you like to see make a return to the big screen? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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