Tyga On Shopping In Paris, Fatherhood & Strip Club Decorum

Young Money’s inked-up party boy talks shopping in Paris, fatherhood and strip club decorum

Illustration By Tim McDonagh

VIBE Do you have any pre-show rituals on the road?

TYGA: I don’t like getting ready too fast ’cause I don’t like to wait. I like to get there maybe 15 minutes before I have to go onstage. I don’t like sitting.

What’s the strangest request on your tour rider?

iPhone chargers. I don’t really have no crazy stuff on there yet.

Ryan Leslie’s laptop was stolen and held for ransom. Do you take your gadgets with you or keep them at home?

I take them with me, but I always keep them close. I’ll never just put my stuff anywhere and lose it.

You’re smarter than celebrities whose computer password is “password.”

[Laughs] Nobody will ever figure out my password.

You’ve been sharing flicks of your son, Cairo, on Instagram. What’s the biggest surprise fatherhood has brought on?