10 Growing Brands and Businesses You Should Follow on Instagram

Nowadays, the average Jane knocks on opportunity’s door and creates the world she wants to live in. She knows her potential and is hustling her way to the top. These types of women embody Beyoncé-like girl power as they grind to run the world and upgrade their lifestyles. These women are entrepreneurs with their own media companies, clothing line, nail brands and accessories empires.

Whether they are keeping us up to date on our favorite celebrities or posting pics of celebs rocking their products, these women have taken advantage of social media, and we can’t help but follow their lead. So if you’re always trying to stand out with your fashion and stay in the know, make sure you are following these brands and businesses on Instagram.

Karen Civil (@karencivil)

Karen is taking over the media world by storm the ‘civil’ way. Since launching in 2008, she’s dedicated her dot com namesake to assist in launching careers. Even Beyoncé’s taking notice of this media mogul in the making by cosigning KC’s fashion partnership Civil Clothing.

Civil recently let us walk in her shoes. Follow her.