10 Items For Less: Karen Civil x Good Wood, Supreme, BBC x Palladium And More

The Internet can be a pretty big place to navigate around, especially when it comes to online shopping. Luckily, you’ve got us to do the labor of searching for it all.

With VIBE’s new 10 Items For Less style + shop guide, we’ll be bringing you the hottest items the web has to offer in fashion, tech, music releases, and sneakers to name a few—all for under $100.00 USD. From the latest kicks and how to protect them, to everyday items you don’t even know you need yet, we’ll be working overtime to deliver the freshness on a weekly basis.—Keenan Higgins (@HIGzILLMATIC)

Guide yourself through the gallery above for 10 items you can grab up now for less than a c-note