10 SXSW Concert Clips That We Can’t Wait To See This Week

Are you prepared? No, really, are you? South By Southwest 2013 has officially gotten underway in Austin, TX and that can only mean one thing: The innanets are about to be FLOODED with clips from the annual festival. With a gazillion and one acts set to perform at SXSW this year (at least, it feels like a gazillion and one!), there are going to be lots and lots and looooooots of clips floating around out there.

But, which ones should you actually pay attention to? Or, better yet, which ones do you need to see? Well, it sort of depends on your taste in music and which artists you like. But, we know which ones we want to say. And, seeing as how you’ve come to us for some of your SXSW coverage, we assume that you probably love some of the same artists that we do. So, take a look at the 10 South By Southwest Concert Clips That We Can’t Wait To See This Week. If you want to survive the flood, wade through the rest of the clips that you see out there and key in on these. It’s the only way to survive another year of SXSW.