112’s Michael Keith Talks How To Tell Your Loved One To Lose Weight

In Michael Keith’s new edition of I’m Just Sayin’, the 112 crooner touches a very sensitive subject.

The topic of today’s column has always and will always be considered taboo. No man, and I mean No man in his right mind should ever approach this topic as a negative. The risk to life and limb is just too damn great! I’m shaking in my proverbial boots but I must soldier through. It is incumbent for me to do so. Ok here goes… How to tell your significant other she needs to lose weight? Dun Dun Dun

First of all that my friends, this is a trick question. There is no such thing as a “nice way” to tell your significant other she needs to lose weight. If your goal is to have this conversation end on a positive note it would be in your best interest to find a more subtle approach. Having grown up in the Gynocracy that I call my family, it was existential for one to find ways to maneuver through all that estrogen. So take it from me, choose your words carefully.

If your significant other ever happens to ask, “Baby does this dress make me look fat?”, it is at this point you should proceed cautiously because this is a trap.

She already knows that she looks big in that dress she just wants to know what your response will be. Will you be honest and viewed a brutal? Will you be supportive and tell her in the nicest way possible that she needs another option or will you be a lie and tell her she looks fine?

Here’s a thought,how about creating some activities that the both of you can participate in such as walking or bike riding. It’s a win win situation. She will enjoy the time you guys are spending together and lose those unwanted inches in the process. You would have done it all without one negative reinforcement, ridicule etc…Hell, you may even enjoy it yourself.

Don’t try and fool her though, she’ll know off the rip what you’re doing. She will appreciate the effort you’ve put forth to spare her feelings on a very sensitive subject and I cannot stress this point enough, always approach this issue with positivity and encouragement.

You can’t successfully motivate her with negativity so, please save yourself the mental anguish and don’t do it. You may find her motivated to lose more than just pounds, she might just drop yo ass too. I’m just saying…