3 Male Celebs Who Let a Good Woman Go

It’s true, you never miss a good thing until it leaves you. Men and women fall victim to doing wrong and losing a special bond they once had with a significant other, celebs are no different.

On a quest for love, sometimes someone messes up the forever factor. Whether it’s a bout of cheating, conflicting schedules or just simply growing a part, saying goodbye is never easy, especially when the person was a great catch. Check out this list of three celebrity men who let a good woman go.

1. Bow Wow

Bow Wow and Ciara were hot and heavy for a brief moment in time. ATL’s good girl had Mr. 106 and Park by the reigns, but this young love eventually fizzled out. Years later, we are sure CiCi is one woman Bow misses dearly.

Photo Credit: Zimbio