The 30 Funniest Tweets About Gucci Mane Almost Changing His Name


As of July 2 of this year, Gucci Mane will officially be changing his name to—drumroll please!—“Guwop.” Er, wait. Nevermind. After taking to his Twitter account on Monday morning and announcing that he would be changing his rap moniker this summer, he quickly backpedaled and said that he would not be making the name change as planned. Why? Well, we can only guess that it was because of the reaction he got to his announcement on Twitter. Although he only gave it about 30 minutes before backtracking and saying that he would stick with Gucci Mane instead of “Guwop,” the responses he got to his announcement must have been enough to convince him not to make the change.

We’d like to take a moment to recognize all of the Twitter users out there who tweeted about “Guwop” and to say…THANK YOU! Gucci changing his name to “Guwop” would have been a huge mistake, and we’re glad he’s not doing it. And, to show you just how thankful we are for all of you convincing Gucci not to make the change, we put together a list of The 30 Funniest Tweets About Gucci Mane Changing His Name To “Guwop.” You guys are the guwopiest greatest.