5 Classic Hip-Hop Albums… According to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were grilled on all types of embarrassing tidbits by quirky Canadian interviewer Nardwaur during this year’s SXSW festival, including Lewis’ former metal band and Macklemore’s space needle fascination. At the center of their exchange, however, was a list of old-school hip-hop albums that inspired the “Thrift Shop” duo. Check out “5 Classic Hip-Hop Albums, According to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.”

1. Immortal Technique “The Third World”
Ryan Lewis: “In high school, this was one of the first hip-hop albums I got into when I started producing beats. High school, 15 or 16 years old, somewhere around there.”

2. Hieroglyphics “3rd Eye Vision”
Macklemore: “‘You Never Knew’ is a classic, absolutely classic. This is some West Coast underground gold right here. These guys are incredible.”

3. Sir Mix-a-Lot “Posse on Broadway”
Macklemore: “[During a show] I went to Dick’s and ordered like 50 cheeseburgers and threw them into the crowd,” he said. “Broadway is a street that Dick’s is on, and My Posse’s on Broadway is a Seattle classic — not even just Seattle, just a worldly, all nations, classic. But he’s specifically rapping about Broadway in Seattle, and he shot his music video for ‘My Posse’s on Broadway’ at Dick’s.”

4. Kid Sensation “C-Town Ballers”
Macklemore: “Kid Sensation did a song with [Ken] Griffey where Griffey is actually rapping. And some would say, better than Shaq ever did. He actually might get Kid Sensation on his own record. I’m saying. Griffey, he can rap.”

5. Source of Labor “Stolen Lives”
Macklemore: “This is a Seattle classic. I used to watch Source of Labor as a kid and they used to play at Bumper Shoot, which is like the festival in Seattle that you go to at the end of the year. I used to watch and be like ‘One day I wanna be like those guys,’ because they were the only local hip-hop group that ever got any love on any festival in Seattle. John, who was the MC, Wordsayer, booked me for my
first show when I was like 15 or 16 years old.”