5 Male Celebs Who Have Gotten Fit and Healthy

Although it’s important for women to live fit lifestyles, men should follow suit and strive to be just as healthy. Celebrities have made it their mission to promote exercise and nutritious eating habits in recent years. Those that once weighed a ton have slimmed down and taken on the challenge of doing their bodies right.

Women celebs get most of the praise, but there are tons of male stars who have lost major inches in the waistline. VV is taking notice; check out five male celebs who have gotten fit and healthy.

1. Fat Joe

The BX rapper weighed in at 430lb at one point in his life. His big stature may have been where his name was derived, but these days he’s living comfortably in the mid 200’s. By heavy dieting, exercise and educating himself on what was right for his body, Joey Crack now lives slim and trim.

Photo Credit: Film Magic