Ellen DeGeneres Reveals New Face of CoverGirl

Ellen DeGeneres made one girl’s dream come true last week (Mar. 7) on her talk show.

Alexis Harris was chosen to be the new face of CoverGirl out of 20,000 girls who submitted videos, making her $20,000 richer. The 18-year-old college student was chosen because she “represents everything we were looking for,” said DeGeneres. “To be your age and to be more concerned about helping other people. That’s exactly what we were looking for — beauty inside and out.”

In her emotional video, the Texas University student talks about the impact her mother had in her life. “My mom is in the military. She’s very selfless, the sacrifices she made for her children. She’s been such a positive inspiration to me.”

She also discussed her project S.M.I.L.E. (Students Making Impacts in Lives Everywhere) that urges young people to make changes in their communities.

Congratulations to Alexis, who will be featured with Ellen in the next issue of People magazine.

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