Beyonce Is “Beyond” Morrissey’s Rhinoceros Diss?

Doesn’t seem like a diss from disgruntled British singer Morrissey is going to stop Beyonce.

While in Los Angeles last night for his concert at the Staples Center, the notorious British frontman of the Smiths unexplainably decided to start beef with the “Run the World (Girls)” singer. The beef was over…well, beef.

A diehard vegetarian, Morrissey’s self-imposed no meat campaign caused him to cancel a gig on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week when he was scheduled to appear on the show before the hunters from the A&E Duck Dynasty reality show. Then, in an unprecedented move that former Beatle Paul McCartney couldn’t even accomplish, Morrissey made the Staples Center not sell meat on the night of his LA show.

During said meatless show, Morrissey went on the attack and bashed Beyonce over her “choice of handbags,” according to a review on Billboard. He charged that King Bey’s handbag purchases led to the extinction of the rhinos and then segued from the rant into The Smiths’ “Meat is Murder.”

Beyonce uploaded two photos of herself today to Instagram wearing a cap that read “BEYOND” in all capital letters. Whether or not it was a subliminal message to Moz — the nickname Morrissey’s fans call him — or just a random, bold fashion choice remains to be determined.