Beyonce Gets Street Named After Her Near Bermuda Stadium

Since the beginning of 2013, Beyonce has been everywhere. She’s graced the covers of magazines, performed at the Super Bowl, took over HBO and even adorned Pepsi cans.

Now, the new mom has been honored with a street named after her in Bermuda. The street sign “Beyonce Blvd.” is located on the wall of a newly paved footpath leading to Bermuda’s National Stadium. Knowles performed there for the Bermuda Musical Festival back in 2008. According to Facility Manager Trevor Madeiros, the sign, which was placed on the walkway last week, is part of an inside joke among staff.

“We had to tidy up the driveway for her to come through to perform — it was a construction site at the time,” Mr Madeiros explained. “Somebody called it Beyoncé Boulevard and everybody started using it.”

Madeiros also mentioned that the sign isn’t official and there was no ceremony for the star singer’s “walk of fame.”