Bingo Players Talk Daft Punk, Kanye West and Hysteria Records


The Dutch electro house duo, Bingo Players, caught up with VIBE last week during WMC amidst their Hysteria Records pool party in Miami. Find out now what the future holds for Paul Bäumer and Maarten Hoogstraten.

VIBE: Tell us about your Ultra Music Festival set? How’d it go?
Bingo Players: Amazing. Worldwide stage. Completely full – you couldn’t fit another person in there. High energy and an international crowd, so there were lots of flags from Spain, Greece, and Sweden.

There were no Americans?
There were…a few.

For someone’s who’s never heard your music, describe your sound in three words.
Energetic, melodic, hard.

How do you avoid having your music become predictable?
Well, that’s the hardest part of making music. You just have to try to use different sounds – not like standard pre-set plug-in stuff. And it has to sound energetic. It can be a unique sound, but if it’s not energetic nothing will happen. It’s like with ‘Rattle’. When we introduced ‘Rattle’, we only had that sound to deal with, so then we worked from there.

Where did that bass sound from ‘Rattle’ come from?
We got it from a plug-in. We don’t even know the plug-in anymore, and then we just tweaked it a lot.

Who are your favorite DJ to watch live?
We like Chuckie. He played before us and did a great job. Also, Daft Punk back in the day. They were one of best experiences we ever had in life.

What are your predictions for their new album?
Well, they’re working with Nile Rodgers, so I guess it’s going back to disco…more funky. Last album was pretty electro-based, but we think it’s going to be more like Discovery.

What’s your favorite Daft Punk song to sample?
Nobody has done anything with ‘Too Long’, the last track on the Discovery album. I think it’s a bit underrated so maybe that’s one we would use.

Tell us a about you label, Hysteria.
We started it about two or three years ago. In the last year it has been amazing; the label is growing and growing, and we get many demos from lots of known people who want to release on our label.

What artists will be releasing new tracks on Hysteria?
Bassnectar, and others. We’re still working on building the label, and we did a good job because everybody’s talking about it.

You’ve already collaborated with Far East Movement, but is there an American rapper you would really want to spit a verse on a Bingo Players track?
Kanye West. He’s one of the few really original producers. And we would like to do a track with Pharrell. Not with him rapping, but producing because he’s a great producer.

Do you have a favorite club to watch DJs spin?
LIV, but now we’re excited for Story. We haven’t played there yet.

What do you like to drink?
Heineken. We love our Heineken everywhere.

So what’s next? What can we expect from you guys in the future?
We have a new Bingo Player song coming out at the end of April, and we’re going to put out a lot of new acts.

Are you going to collaborate with any of your artists?
We’re thinking about it. We are ambitious with the label, and we really want to build it this year and put out great songs, but so far no. It’s not mainstream music, it’s ‘main squat’ music.

Do you want it to be mainstream?
No. We like it the way it is.

How does an artist get to you guys?
Just send a demo. We get like a thousand demos per week.

Do you listen to them all?
We have to skip a few. You try to listen to a lot, because you always want to find that one song. There are great kids out there… you just have to find them.