Bobby Brown Sentenced To 55 Days In Jail

Bobby Brown was sentenced to 55 days in a Los Angeles jail yesterday morning (Mar. 21) after picking up his second DUI charge in one year. Last October, Brown was arrested for driving under the influence after police noticed “a strong scent of alcohol” during a traffic stop. He also failed a field sobriety test. Six months prior to that arrest, Brown was stopped for a DUI in April 2012, an arrest that resulted in a guilty plea and a stint in a rehabilitation center.

The 55-day sentence is a compilation of consequences for the latter arrest. Brown has been driving with a suspended license — a result of the first arrest. He was also found in violation of his probation. The judge ordered 10 days for the DUI, 10 days for the suspended license conviction and 35 days for the probation violation, according to Los Angeles city attorney’s spokesman Frank Mateljan. Brown was immediately taken from the Van Nuys courthouse to jail.

Though he has been sentenced to 55 days, good behavior and jailhouse overcrowding could have the singer free in up to nine days. Brown has also reportedly taken ownership of his offenses.

“Brown is pleased that the matter has been resolved,” his lawyer Christopher Brown said in a statement.

UPDATE: Bobby Brown was freed from jail after only 8 hours.