The Breakfast Club Grills Claudia Jordan About ‘Celebrity Apprentice All Star,’ Working With Donald Trump And Her Quickie Marriage


Claudia Jordan woke up bright and early to chop it up with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club to dissect the Googleable rumors.

The Celebrity Appearance sets the record straight about her alleged beef with Tamar Braxton, working with Donald Trump.

“Here’s the thing with Trump: I’m a huge Obama supporter so I was very conflicted because of all the shots he was taking at Obama, but I’ve known him for years,” she said. “For him, I think it’s for the media attention and to keep his name out there than being a racist. You kinda have to know him. When you’re a billionaire, who can really check you?”

She also discusses her quickie marriage and how she realized it was the wrong move on the drive home, along with her rumored relationships.

Check out the juicy convo above.