Bruno Mars Talks Female Body Parts, Opens Up About Drug Arrest

Bruno Mars dons dapper threads for the April 2013 cover of GQ. In the story titled “The Mars Expedition,” the pop crooner/songwriter reveals a few nuggets about his hit-making process, the story behind some of his lyrics and also opens up about his infamous 2010 arrest for drug possession. Read excerpts below:

On his single “Locked Out of Heaven” being about a woman’s privates
“It feels good to sing about. It feels…sexy. It puts you in a sexy frame of mind. It feels good to pro-ject. Sex is a great party starter… The verses to me are what really makes that song: Swimming in your water is something spiritual… If you think it’s blasphemous, then obviously you don’t know that it’s poetry.”

On the secret to a good song
“Shit. For me? Hypnotize me in the very first three seconds, wake my ear plate up, give me something that I haven’t felt before…and then punch me in the fucking face.”

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On being arrested in Las Vegas
“I was young, man! I was in fucking Vegas. I wasn’t thinking… I was given a number one record and I’m out doing dumb shit… I was really intoxicated. I was really drunk. So a lot of that is a big blur, and I try every day to forget and keep pushing… ‘I can take this shit away from you, young man.’ That was the lesson. You’ve slaved away for years and years and years. You’ve prepped your whole life. It’s all you know how to do. You’re a kid experiencing life in fucking Sin City, and that was the lesson: It can all be taken away. Put you in a weird place. Embarrass you.”

Read the full cover story at GQ.

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