Canadian Rapper Classified Talks ‘Inner Ninja,’ Topping The Charts And Craziest Tour Moment

Luke Boyd knows the story of the underdog all too well. The 35-year-old Canadian rapper may be a household name up North but nothing has come easy.

As he approaches his second decade in the industry, Boyd’s latest album is no. 1 in his country and currently has a top ten single “Inner Ninja” (available on iTunes) as well. Both of these feats are a first for Boyd, who has released over 14 studio albums during his tenure.

VIBE caught up with the rapper they call Classified to gain some insight on how it feels to finally make it and how he plans to reach the world beyond the northern border. Also, check out his “Inner Ninja” music video below.

VIBE: For those that are a little unfamiliar with the Canadian hip hop scene, how would you describe it?

The scene is dope, I was a kid that grew up on 1990’s hip hop. There’s always been cats up here like Maestro, Fresh Wes, ChocLair, doing it. There’s always been a good scene but the industry is ass up here, it’s just so premature, I guess you could say. There’s always been good music up here. I always find like there’s been good artists up here it’s just that the industry up here just doesn’t know what to do with hip hop artists. You just don’t have that foundation, that structure. In the states, you have a big hit record you know which radio stations to go to, they know to go to the VIBE, you know what press to get, we don’t have that in Canada. So I think that’s usually the biggest problem is just getting the word out, that the music is actually out there.

Read on to find out how the Canadian hip hop scene has changed over the years and find out what Classified thinks about having been in the industry for close to 20 years.