Why Kim Kardashian Was Cast In ‘Tyler Perry’s Temptation’

Does Kim Kardashian hold her weight in a big-screen role? We know you’ve got doubts, so we dialed up Kim Coleman, the casting director of Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, to chat about the movie’s eclectic cast and steamy plot

VIBE: Let’s start with the film’s premise. Give us a quick synopsis.

Kim Coleman: The film is a dramatic look at people’s choices and consequences. It’s about a marriage counselor’s personal and professional life and it becomes a little complicated after she makes a particular choice in her life.

What did you look for when selecting the cast?

Tyler Perry is a very, very creative person with lots of stories to share. His success as a director and playwright comes with his ability to understand his audience — real people with real lives. So in the casting process, we look for actors that can connect to the characters and bring his vision to life. That’s how we do it. We collaborate.

What role does Kim play, and what did you look for when assessing her character?

In the story, Judith is played by Jurnee Smollett. She’s a young professional finding her way in the world. She’s susceptible to outside influences and searching for her identity. Kim plays a small but important role in Judith’s growth. She’s a confidant, and Judith is kind of coming up under the reins of Vanessa Williams’ character. Tyler and our producer Ozzie Areu, he liked Kim, we discussed Kim, and we took it to Tyler. He, along with Ozzie and myself, thought she was the perfect choice for this role. I know a lot of folks were thinking she’s a lead in the film, but it’s not. She met with everyone, she did a great job, we liked what we saw, and she was cast in the film. We’re confident that the movie-going public will respond to her in this role.

What was her personality like in the movie?

She’s a character; she’s not playing herself. What I like about working with Tyler is that with his ensembles, everyone works as a unit. Everyone works together to put his vision on the screen and Kim’s contributions fit right within the framework of our story. I don’t like singling out any particular actor, especially in an ensemble. She just fit perfectly with everyone else. I know that her acting strengths and weaknesses was one of [your] questions, and it’s really not an issue. I don’t look at that with any actor. The important question would be: Does the actor we cast get the point across that the director wants to make? This cast did a wonderful job. Kim included. I think people will be pleasantly surprised.

Why should people see this film?

Because no matter what your ethnicity is or your background, your age, young, old, black, white or whatever, everyone has to make choices in life and you live with the consequences of those choices. That’s a universal thing. The story’s about moments when you reach a fork in the road. It’s like, do I go left? Do I go right? Do I go up or down? Who do I follow? What do I believe? This is a story that everyone will connect to because everyone has to make choices.