Chance to Win: USB Album Signed By Carl Cox and Jon Rundell

In celebration of Intec Digital’s re-launch of the ‘Pure Intec’ compilation, Pure Intec 2, VIBE is giving away five copies signed by producers Carl Cox and Jon Rundell. To enter, just follow us on Twitter and use hashtag: #VIBEIntec. We’ll announce the winner on Twitter live from Ultra Music Festival before Cox takes to the decks, this weekend!

Released in two sections, part one (mixed by Carl) showcases unheard remixes from Cox’s album ‘All Roads Leads to the Dancefloor’, while part two (courtesy of Jon) includes upcoming releases from the Intec label.

Pure Intec 2 will be available on CD, digital and USB versions April 8.

This will be Intec label head Rundell’s first since he usually works behind the scenes as the Intec label head. Now he talks with VIBE about his new career path, working with Carl, and his dream to sit down with 70’s rock legends.

VIBE: Describe your own individual sound/style in three words.
Jon Rundell: Groovey, Techno, Energy

What is it like working with Carl Cox?
Its great fun and we share a lot of the same ideas and views on things, and to be inspired every day by somebody so positive is a nice feeling.

Tell us about the new album you both have produced together, Pure Intec Two.
When Pure Intec was originally conceived it had been almost five years of releasing music on the label so there was a lot to showcase. This time around its been 3 years and we felt it was just time.

Working behind the scenes before as the labelhead, what made you want to step out and take a part in this project?
I’ve been playing in clubs a lot before I joined Intec (and even after I became part of it) so with this being my first ever compilation, it was important to show people that I can still represent the label, but also play the records in the clubs. What you get on this mix is what you will get by coming to hear me play.

Who else would you want to collaborate with in the future?
There are loads of people that have influenced me over the years, but two would really stand out. I think it would be really interesting to sit in a studio for a week with Moby, who’s ‘Go’ record got me into the dance scene. I had the pleasure of meeting Liam Howlett not so long ago too, and his music has also been a big part of my youth. I’m proud to say I already work with Neil Mclellan who is part of The Prodigy’s output in a big way, so maybe one day. You never know.

I’d also love to just sit and chat with people like Ray Davies (of The Kinks) and Paul Weller. Their ideals of what they stood for connected with me in a big way from listening to my Dad’s records at home.”