Charles Barkley The Bulldog Becomes Instagram Star

We all know Charles Barkley for his NBA career and loud mouth, but there’s a new “Sir Charles” barking his way around the ‘Net.

The French Bulldog whose owners, Paul and Melissa, named him after the basketball for no particular reason and definitely had no idea he would become such a viral hit.

“We didn’t want to blow up our own Instagram accounts with his pics,” Melissa told Mashable. “He ended up gaining more followers than we ever expected and that’s when we realized we really have to keep up with his account.”

Sir Charles Barkley the dog already has thousands of followers from his stream of adorable photos. His lovable owners have posed him in oversized boxers and basketball sneakers as jokes.

“He knows how to sit, sit pretty, lay down, roll over, shake both hands and play dead. That’s when we learned he’ll do almost anything for food. From his snorting, whining, burping and farting — he makes us laugh every day.”

Check out the Charles’ Instagram stream here