Chris Brown Addresses Social Media Issues

R&B’s “bad boy” Chris Brown reacted to negative press by opting out of interviews to work on his upcoming album. But as of late, the song-and-dance man is ready to reintroduce a new and improved version of himself. Ebony got an exclusive invite into CB’s studio to preview (due later this year) and talk about how his personal life has evolved in the past four years.

Like many artists, Chris explains that his new music, including the Michael Jackson-inspired “Fine China,” is an “interpretation” and “journey” of what he’s been through. Like most of us, life is a growing process for the singer, whose dealings with naysayers have contributed to his growth. When asked about navigating social media, the self-proclaimed recluse cites “taking away the magic” as his reason for stepping back, rather than his infamous Twitter beefs.

“I detached myself from social media only because it just takes away the magic,” he says. “Twitter is a good outlet for certain people, but I think for me and the message I’m trying to portray, it’s all about the music, the magic, and the creativity of what I’m doing. If you show somebody how to do a magic trick, it’s not a magic trick anymore.”

Today he takes comments with a “grain of salt,” keeping in mind that everything isn’t true and instead uses music and painting as a way to “put everything out there.” The sometimes overexposed artist hopes that fans will learn to appreciate and see his music for what it is, rather than attach negativity to it. Similar to girlfriend Rihanna, he understands that his influence is noted, regardless of whether he wants it or not.

“For me, the responsibility I have to be an idol or to be looked upon as talented or creative or an inspiration–that comes with the territory. People will automatically bring you into their life because you’re almost a part of it. Being on the radio all the time or being in a video, you’re always accessible and your life is for display. With me it’s just about the responsibility I have to take in and being able tolearn from my actions and being able to show people the good s–t.”

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Photo Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP