Club Owners Want Drake And Chris Brown To Pay Tony Parker?

It has been almost one year since Drake and Chris Brown’s notorious New York City brawl, and fingers are still being pointed. One victim of the infamous brawl — which included the hurling of several glass bottles — is San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker. After claiming that a glass shard caused him an injury to his cornea, the basketball star is suing the W.i.P. nightclub for $20 million.

Citing that the club should not have hosted an event with both Drake and Chris in attendance due to their very public beef, Parker asked W.i.P. for the whopping damages. This is only one of several consequences the club has faced, including a temporary shutdown and 14 charges by The State Liquor Authority. W.i.P. has since filed a countersuit in New York City, claiming that if Parker is found to be owed the $20 million, that Chris Brown and Drake should be the ones to pay up, since they “contributed to, instigated, participated and/or engaged” in the fight.

W.i.P. maintains that the two entertainers should be held liable for any amount awarded to Parker.

The case is still ongoing.