The Come Up: How To Rock A High-Top Fade


Celebs and commoners may jack styles from the ’80s, but do it look so crazy? High-top fades are witnessing growth (see: Kendrick Lamar, Fabolous, Iman Shumpert). But before you catch a fade, know the road ahead with these tips

1) Grow into it
Seeds don’t spring into trees overnight. To achieve a mountain high enough, wolf it out for a few. Hair growth patterns differ, but a month of frizz should result in a good starting altitude. Got loose locks like Al B. Sure? Your hair will look more like a bowl cut. Coarse kinks work best for this style.

2) Cut and dry
Maintaining a box-shaped ’do requires Michelangelo-esque sculpting. “I always start from the bottom and work my way up the sides,” says star barber Ozell Graham of The Fader Shop (Chris Bosh, Brandon Jennings). If you’d rather not don a super-high Kid N’ Play coif, have your barber trim the top.

3) Take your pick
In addition to bi-weekly shape-ups, Graham says chuck the brush during daily grooming—they’re better on low fades—and grab Questlove’s fav tool. “The high-top fade requires the ‘pick, pat, pick, pat’ technique,” explains Graham. While picking prevents strands from curling so your hair sticks up, gently patting the top evens out strays. Shampoo and condition regularly to ease the fro struggle.

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