Consequence Explains His Side Of Fight With Joe Budden And Tahiry

Another day, another side to the Joe Budden/Consequence fight drama.

Cons finally had his turn to explain what happened between him, Joe Budden and Tahiry during their altercation at the taping of the “Love and Hip-Hop NY” reunion. It has been confirmed by all three parties that two confrontations took place between the rappers. The first involved Consequence hitting Joey, and Tahiry retaliating with a punch of her own to Cons. The second involved an all out tussle between Joe Budden, Consequence and allegedly another member of Joey’s entourage.

Consequence called in to Hot 97 to clear up a few things about what went on at the taping. His first order of business was to address allegations that he ran after hitting Joe during their first altercation.

“Nobody ran. I’m not gonna run from Tahiry,” he said. “Unfortunately, when I smacked [Joe] — from what I was told by one of the stylists or production people — when I extended, it hit Tahiry. So she reacted and she hit me. And that a girl hitting me, and I like Tahiry. Shoutout to Tahiry. It felt good.”

Consequence went on to lay out the details of the second run-in. He claimed that he had been jumped after arriving to the set late and being approached by Joe:

“Let me tell you what happened. I come outside, they got cameras all out when I’m leaving out. ‘Yo Consequence, that’s effed up what you did.’ Snuffs me. Boom. [Joe] runs. ‘Come here fat boy, let’s get it rocking!’ So I got my hands up, let’s get it. Security holding me back, son run up on me. Boom boom boom, we tussling. Here comes Joe. ‘Oh, this is you, aight cool, let’s go!’ Boom boom boom. That’s where, when you seen the footage, I get up, I’m laughing.”

According to Consequence, the root of both physical encounters was a recent interview that Joe Budden did with Addressing the beef with Jack Thriller, Joey stated that if their beef was not settled by their prior discussion, it would have to be handled in an alternative manner. Consequence interpreted his comment as a threat.

“We all trained to go where I’m from. We do not tolerate disrespect on no level, at all,” he said. “So when you say ‘I’m gonna approach you in a different manner,” next time I see you, it’s on. Plain and simple.”

In this interview, Consequence also claimed to have retrieved Joe Budden’s phone after their scuffle, and mentioned some text conversations he found before allegedly breaking the phone. When asked by Angie Martinez if the score had been settled between himself and Joey, Cons replied that he was not sure if things would continue to escalate.

“When you open you mouth, you subject yourself to that. Maybe cooler heads will prevail, maybe they won’t. It’s all G over here.”