Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock Tour Happening?

Dave Chappelle has been what we call “hiding” for about seven years now. The famous comedian has been with his family in the deep suburbs of Yellow Springs, Ohio, living a normal life with no sign of coming back to comedy. But a couple weeks ago, he hit the stage at New York’s Comedy Cellar for three nights in a row (no one got video?) and gave fans some sort of hope for a future tour.

Chappelle was joined by his comedic peers, including Kevin Hart, Marlon Wayans and Paul Mooney while at the Cellar. He was also joined by Chris Rock, and when the two were on stage they began discussing a potential outing.

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Well, according to Entertainment Weekly, Chappelle’s rep recently said of a Rock/Chappelle tour: “I can’t even say.” So… maybe.