Deadmau5 Criticizes And Slams ‘EDM’ At SXSW

It seems to be a trend with this new age generation to discard something as soon as it has hit the tipping point. Does Deadmau5 have a point in his latest criticisms of EDM?

During a SXSW discussion called “Deadmau5 & Richie Hawtin: Talk. Techno. Technology,” the producer took his disses from his peers David Guetta and Skrillex to the entire genre itself. He said to a crowd of anxious audiophiles that mainstream success and the ease of making EDM records today are actually killing the rising genre, according to NME.

“The songs sound the same,” said the artist whose real name is Joel Zimmerman. He added that the scene, which has also caught fire in the R&B and rap worlds, is filled with “cookie-cutter stuff.” :: Insert Rick Ross grunt here ::

“I’m shocked the record companies that sign these people aren’t just going home and making the music themselves. Cut out the middleman.” Perhaps his reaction is inspired by the recent boon in the genre’s success by acts like Bauuer, Chris Brown, Flo Rida, Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

The producer also equated his (and other EDM veterans) craft to good ole’ fashioned organic creativity. He said today’s widespread accessibility to music-making technology is also adding to the genre’s blandness. Does this mean that the Mousehead music-maker is going live—literally?

Do you agree with his sentiments?

Props: NME