Dog Swallows 111 Pennies And Survives

A 13-year old Russell Terrier named Jack made himself a doggy bank when he ate 111 pennies, a dangerous feat that left him hospitalized.

His owner, Tim Kelleher, a New York City resident, noticed that Jack was vomiting and that his stomach was upset and rushed him to BluePearl, a Manhattan emergency veterinary hospital. An X-ray revealed the pennies inside of the dog, which were removed via endoscopy, five at a time. The procedure was made possible by Frankie’s Friends, a pet charity organization that helped Kelleher finance Jack’s care.

Though Jack is expected to make a full recovery, the zinc contained in pennies minted after 1982 could have killed him. His ingestion of the element could have led to damage of his kidneys, liver and red blood cells.

“Early and safe removal was absolutely imperative to Jack’s health,” said Dr. Amy Zalcman, the vet in charge of Jack’s care. “If Jack would not have had the pennies removed, the consequences would have been fatal.”

Talk about change for a rainy day.

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