DRx Romanelli x Stussy Taipei Capsule Collection

International tastemaker Darren Romanelli—know to those “in the know” as DrX.—recently collaborated with streetwear clothing company Stussy to produce some vibrant pieces for the upcoming season.

Romanelli’s capsule collection was developed over a few years, and features patterns Stussy has used dating back to the 80s. Looking at the patterns will genuinely make any self-proclaimed style addict’s mouth water. The African/tribal-inspired prints pair amazingly with an array of materials, like a few meticulously executed leather panel jackets. It’s gonna takes a seriously stylish person to take on these bold and eclectic designs.

The new capsule collection is available exclusively at the Stussy Taipei chapter store.

Click through the gallery above to check out DrX’s Stussy Taipei Capsule designs