D’usse And 4 Other Mixable Cognacs You Should Be Sipping

Grab a glass and get cozy with the season’s most mixable cognacs

Cognac has a storied rep as a drink of kings. So it’s no surprise that A-level couch stompers are downing bottles of the stuff, both neat and, lately, in a rainbow of inventive cocktails. Major cognac producers in France have perked up, responding with mixable blends that amp the glitz factor while preserving that Gallic refinement.

Start your tipsy trip with Remy Martin VSOP ($40), a classic made from fine champagne grapes and aged in oak barrels at least four years. Legendary for its balance of tart and sweet, it’s a staple for your home bar. Taking after the Prez, Hennessy’s not only commander-in-chief of the cognac world, but also one of the most progressive. The brand’s three-year-old Hennessy Black ($40), aimed at the velvet rope set, is bold enough for straight sippin’, but designed for cocktails in the club, where its fruit and honey notes fornicate with an array of mixers.

Of the rapper-endorsed ’nacs, Conjure ($33) boasts a blend of caramel and cream flavors, while Jay-Z is pushing D’usse ($45), a mature expression befitting the 43-year-old Roc boy, with pear notes that mellow into a fresh, grassy background. Flipping the sweet switch, the blenders at Courvoisier augmented their signature Courvoisier Gold ($25) by adding Drake’s choice swill, Moscato wine, resulting in a drink that smells of library-room leather and tastes of dried fruit. Like emo in a glass.

Photo Credit: Matt Doyle/VIBE