Heat Extend Win Streak Without Dwyane Wade

Heat fans may have noticed that Dwyane Wade was MIA during yesterday’s game (March 24) against the Charlotte Bobcats. The absence was due to soreness in Wade’s right knee that started during a collision with another player at their Boston game last Monday.

The collision resulted in Wade missing Sunday’s game mostly as a precaution versus actual injury. “He got hit in the knee a couple games back and it is just sore, bruised,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra told NBA, “So we are going to be very proactive and get some treatment and hopefully he feels better (Monday). We’ll see how it goes.”

Heat fans should not worry. Wade should be back in the lineup as early as today (March 25) in Orlando to assist Miami in their now 25-game winning streak. Coach Spoelstra assures that Wade “spends a lot of time working on his shots and conditioning to stay sharp.”

Miami also went on to defeat the Bobcats, 109-77, to extend the second-longest winning streak in NBA history to 26 games.