The DJ-Foodie Anakyn Dishes On Fine Cuisine, Nicky Romero And Tommy Trash

Sometimes it only takes one great song to catapult you to fame. Just ask Avicii… and house producer-DJ Anakyn whose single “Point Blank (Love Is Blind)” has already caught the attention of some high-profile players in the industry, with remixes and edits by Nicky Romero and Walden. VIBE had a quick chat with this notorious “foodie” (just take a look at his Facebook) to get a premiere look at the rising artist, including a brooding dark side…

VIBE: If you can compare your sound to any culinary dish, what would it be and why?
Anakyn: Mixed Grill! A bit of everything but always satisfying.

Judging by your Instagram pictures you appear to be quite the “foodie.” Do you happen to throw down culinary confections on top of beats, and if so, what’s your favorite dish to make?
I’ve been rumbled haven’t I? Yes I’m very much a “foodie”. I love to make healthy snacks to have while I’m in the studio. I find fast foods make me sluggish, and drowsy (mind you there is always room for a few naughty sweets once and again). Favorite dish would be Belly Pork – leave it in the oven for eight hours, and once you have finished the day in the studio, it’s good to go.

Where does the name “Anakyn” derive from. Do you also happen to be “Star Wars” fan or was it just coincidence?
For legal reasons it has nothing to do with “Star Wars”! Only joking. I came across it by chance as it was the name of a race horse. I thought it was a cool name and it really hooked me in. But I may still have a dark side.

Tell us about the track that got your recognized – “Point Blank (Love Is Blind).” Where did this single stem from? Was it inspired by a romance close to home?
Point Blank was written a good few months back now. At the time I was writing a lot of “EDM” for other artists, and was becoming very inspired by the soaring melodies and harmonies, hence “Point Blank” was created. The vocal came about with FFRR teaming me up with the talented Fabio Lendrum, and he laid down the incredibly catchy “Love Is Blind” vocal.

What was it like having Nicky Romero involved on the track?
It was great to have Nicky involved with the release. He’s unstoppable at the moment and releasing some fantastic music, so I was excited that he was doing a remix of “Point Blank”. He did exactly what was needed and beefed up the original with his own stamp: big kicks and risers, plus an artistic twist on the melody. I was very honored that he had put his name to my track.

Who else would like to collaborate with as you rise in your career? A rapper?
A few people are really nailing it for me at the moment, Tommy Trash being one of them. Everything he does at the moment works for me. Feed Me is also smashing it; “Love Is All I Got” is just one of those records you wish you had written. The same can be said for Porter Robinson & Zedd, both writing some great records, very melodic and right up my street. As far as collaborating with a rapper I’m open to all kinds of new things, I’ve actually written and produced a few records for up-and-coming UK rapper called “Chet Mega,” so watch out for him.