EDM Raptress Lady Leshurr Goes Hard

Who is the woman behind this video? Meet Lady Leshurr…

VIBE: You’re definitely a UK flavor, but you also have a lot of covers of US rap tunes. Are you working towards being more palatable for America?
Lady Leshurr: I just do me. I’ve always been the person to listen to a song and imitate it down to the flow and style, but completely change the words.

Was there a moment in which you knew that something big was about to happen for you and your music?
Not at all. Never have I done music just to expect something out of it. It’s my passion…my work rate is what got me where I am today.

If you could collaborate with anyone in hip-hop, who would it be? Why?
Lil Wayne. He has inspired me so much to just experiment with my voice over different genres and never hold back. His character style and personality on the track is influential and has made me try out new things.

What’s your favorite music genre?
Reggae. I grew up listening to that and it was the genre which made me start writing in the first place. That genre of music will never die and I feel so comfortable on it.

Did you make any musical resolutions for this year? How are they going?
My musical resolutions are the same every year. Go hard and prosper.

Torqux ft. Lady Leshurr “Blazin'” is out now on MTA Records: Cop it on Beatport.