Facebook To Introduce Hashtags; Step Up Competition With Twitter

The social media network that got it all up-and-jumping is about to co-opt Twitter’s biggest invention. What do you think?!

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Julie Zhou, director of design, are going to make some key changes to the site’s layout. It will be revamping its ‘News Feed’ to adapt to how users interface with it through placing emphasis on photos and visuals.

Zuckerberg said the change comes as a result of photos now making up nearly 50 percent of all posts on users’ news feeds. “News Feed has become primarily about visual content,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook’s other plan is to incorporate the “hashtag” symbol that was introduced by Twitter and is already a fixture on the site. Hashtags caught the attention of Zuckerberg after he saw how popular they were on Instagram — a company which is now owned by Facebook.

The move comes as the giant social network begins to open up another front in its intensifying battle with Twitter for social media dominance and advertising dollars.

Hashtags are words preceded by the # (pound) symbol to pool all the messages around a single topic or news event. It’s an impressive usage of coding and was initially proposed by open-source advocate Chris Messina. Facebook hopes to utilize the idea as a link to connect themes and topics on its network and around the web.

Do you think Zuckerberg and Facebook are just digi-biting Twitter’s style? Or is this just the way the Web 3.0 moves? Leave your thoughts below.

Props: LA Times