First Look: Rolls Royce Wraith


Start saving those pennies because we have something to add to your next wish list. The brand new Art-Deco inspired Rolls Royce Wraith was seen stateside for the first time today and while it claims to be the fastest Rolls ever, I can tell you first hand that it is without doubt the sexiest Rolls ever.

The near 2.5 ton Wraith will power it’s way to 60mph in a claimed 4.4 seconds thanks entirely to the 624hp/590 lb-ft torque the flagship Rolls V12 stores beneath it’s polished exterior. But perhaps more impressive is how the Wraith gets this power to the ground. The all new ZF eight-speed automatic transmission is now linked to GPS satellites and map data which tells the Wraith exactly which gear to select for the upcoming route ahead, not only providing you with better performance but also better fuel economy.

With an estimated base price of $295,000 you better have a lot of room for all those pennies.