‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’s’ Janet Hubert Disses Wendy Williams

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BET’s own Wendy Williams may have to reconsider walking around by herself because Aunt Vivian is trying to get the gossip queen into a scrap.

After Lil’ Kim went off on the talk show host for her critiques of Kim’s plastic surgeries, now, Janet Hubert, who played the original Aunt Vivian on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, is striking back at Wendy for mentioning the actress in a segment with Tatyana Ali.

You can see for yourself below (Jump to 3:20):

Wendy brought up the fact that Janet, who has long been estranged from everyone on the show, was a no-show for their most recent reunion back in 2011. Tatyana then explained to Wendy Williams that from her perspective as a little girl, losing the original Aunt Viv was sort of like going through a divorce.

It really wasn’t as malicious as Ms. Hubert’s response, but when she caught wind of her name being mentioned on Wendy’s show, you can hear for yourself just how bad Aunt Viv’s temper is courtesy of the Internet.

Was Janet Hubert right or wrong for calling Wendy Williams out her name?

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