Gentleman’s Corner: Alvin Williams Talks Alchemy Networks, Partnership with Kandi Burruss

VV: Do you hope the online popularity of Alchemy Networks will help land a deal with a TV network?
AW: We have one show called RED Hawt Gossip with Cynthia Luciette and she gives her online rant and spin with the daily news in 60 seconds or less. We’ve been approached by several cable networks to turn that show into a weekly show. Our focus is to create the best high quality content for our demographic based on the channel that’s going to generate views, subscribers, and fans. That ultimately would graduate that show on its own to a network, but [going to a network] is not apart of our planning.

How did the Bunim/Murray productions partnership come about?
Due to the relationship with our CEO Peter Griffith. When we were going through the pitching process, we were in conversation with them to produce one of our shows. So we produced Red Hawt Gossip in LA at B&M offices, then we produced a fashion segment with B&M called LookBook. We have a third show called BRKDWN, which is hosted by Cynthia Luciette and John Scarlett.

Do you plan on creating shows around the natural hair lifestyle?
We are. It will launch under FWD in the spring.  So it will be one of our shows that’s focused on the natural hair, as well as the fashion aspect.

Do you have any scripted shows that we can look forward to seeing on the network?
Our first scripted show is more of a comedy called My Roommate The…. which airs every Tuesday on Kscope. We’re looking to develop other scripted series around the summer when we start taking pitches and developing ideas to start working on a full slate: dramas, sci-f, and comedies.

What are some details about bringing Kandi Burruss to your network?
We are looking to launch are the best of Kandi Coated Nights. That will be the first of shows we’re looking to launch on her channel, Kandi and Friends.